I’m reading all these racist remarks these idiotic people are writing regarding ‘The Hunger Games’ movie. “I’m not trying to be racist, but I didn’t realize dark brown skin mean they were going to put a black b*tch in the movie….why didn’t they stick to the book.” These aren’t the direct quote on quote, but I just summarized what these racist people were talking about when they were complaining about the movie. How can one young black girl that’s been cast as Rue make so many white people so angry when her character was described as a dark brown skin child. I’m appalled at these pathetic people for their small minds. Look, Katniss was written in the book as olive skin, and then they hired a white girl. I have nothing against Jennifer Lawrence because I love her openness, but the part was not meant for her. If you’re complaining about skin color, your dumbass have not read the book. I don’t watch movies anymore because there’s no authenticity and we already know who’s getting the roles. It’s times like these where we need to open our damn eyes and see what the big problem is, not focusing on stupid shit like this.

"Hiding your hurt only intensifies it. Problems grow in the dark and only become bigger and bigger. But when exposed to the light of truth, they shrink. You are only as sick as your secrets. So take off your mask, stop pretending you’re perfect and walk into freedom."

Rick Warren (via onlinecounsellingcollege)

"I’m a person that has high highs and low lows … A lot of things make me sad. Sometimes it’s almost easier to be sad. But you end up finding a balance and I think that as I get older I am learning what I can do for myself to make me happy."

Mary-Kate Olsen (via onlinecounsellingcollege)